The Enchanted Journey: Finding the Key That Unlocks You
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Hidden Corners of My Heart

Hidden Corners of My Heart  is contemporary women’s fiction. Janna Wolfe, devoted wife and mother, alters her predictable life when she engages in an innocent flirtation with the young, French pastry chef at her bakery. Sexual chemistry ignites, days pass and Janna begins to lose her balance on the emotional tightrope of fidelity. She’s compelled, as if under a spell, to explore her awakened passion. Spiraling out of control, Janna consults a Brazilian psychic, wisdom cards, her closest friends and her journal. Janna must tame her unbridled passions or risk losing all that is sacred to her.

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The Enchanted Journey:
Finding the Key That Unlocks You

With a light-hearted, conversational approach, Dr. Segal inspires you to do battle with your Critical Dragons. She grants Enchanted Keys at each of the ten gateways that unleash the healing powers of Altered Perceptions, Connection to Nature, Humor and others, designed to recapture your lost sense of wonder.

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